• Shift your Focus from Fear to Gratitude

  • More than ever we need to shift our focus from fear to gratitude. We need to remember what Wayne Dyer said,“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” As we maneuver through this pandemic, many people are in a cycle of fear but we can shift our focus and our thoughts to gratitude right now.

    For just a moment close your eyes and take few deep breaths and just be silent. Let’s shift the focus from helplessness to what can we do now for ourselves as well as for others.

    It’s time to break the cycle of fear and panic and change the way we look at things. Stop watching the news and look for the positive things in the day such as, it’s a beautiful sunny day today.

    This too shall pass.

  • Hypnosis Certification Class- New Dates, Check It Out!

  • May 2020- 8 Day Hypnosis Certification Course

  • May 28-31*AND* June 11-14, 2020

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  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, effective immediatly, client sessions will now be held via ZOOM.

    If you have any questions, please contact me.


  • S ee your goals
    U nderstand your obstacles
    C create a positive mental picture
    C lear your mind of self doubt
    E embrack the challenge
    S stay on track
    S how the world you can do it!

  • Get Rid of Sugar Craving & Get in Control

  • Try This Simple Technique To Take Control of Your Cravings

    1- Imagine you want a sugar hit. Notice the feeling that prompts the desire.

    2- STOP. If it is safe to do, close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. Take a slow deep breath for at least 3 seconds. Then exhale for 3 seconds. This alters your brain chemistry to promote release of endorphins and serotonin.

    3- As you notice your feelings change, picture a person, place or something that makes you feel happy or good. Think about this until you feel a smile coming to your face.

    4- When you feel that smile, imagine sending that picture to the back of your mind so it can influence you at an unconscious level. How do you feel now?

  • 4 Big Fat Food Lies That Make You Sick

  • Myth 1- All Calories Are Created Equal
    Myth 2- Your Genetics Define You & Your Health
    Myth 3- You Can Out-Exercise A Bad Diet
    Myth 4- Fat Makes You Fat

    Dr. Mark Hymen- The Blood Sugar Solution
    Dr. William Davis- Wheat Belly Diet

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  • Sugar Feeds Cancer & Creates Diabesity

  • The average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar a year and about 146 pounds of flour a year.

    You need a 10 day SUGAR detox to release the cravings from sugar.

    Dr. Mark Hyman

  • Want to Achieve a Breakthrough?

  • To Achieve a Breakthrough:

    3- Get the right Strategy
    2- Divorce your Story, Marry the Truth
    1- Get in a Beautiful State by Radical Shifts in you Physiology and Focus

    Why People Don’t Change- FEAR

    - am not enough
    - won’t be loved

    Golden Nugget-

    Everything depends on meaning we give to things! Change the meaning, Change your life!!

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  • New From Shoreline Hypnosis:

  • OldPain2GO

  • The Simpson Protocol

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  • What Your Mind Can Believe, You Can Achieve!

  • About Shoreline Hypnosis LLC

    Shoreline Hypnosis LLC is located in Guilford, CT serving the Shoreline and greater New Haven communities.  Barbara Herr, Director, of Shoreline Hypnosis successfully helps clients achieve their desired goals through hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery and advanced techniques such as regression therapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom technique).

    Many clients are referred to Shoreline Hypnosis by Physicians, Social Workers and satisfied clients for behavior change and other wellness concerns.

    • Weight Release (not weight loss as your subconscious finds what is lost!)
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Relax and Remain Calm
    • Stress Management
    • Sleep Better and Longer
    • Habit Control
    • Athletic Performance
    • Test Taking Anxiety
    • Public Speaking
    • Pain Management
    • OldPain2Go
    • Release (eliminate) Fears
    • Communicate with your Unconscious Mind
  • *Is There Something You Need, Want or Desire to Change?

  • The mind can heal the body through hypnosis giving you the power to make positive changes in you life. Hypnosis directly affects your feelings and how you relate to them.

    Hypnosis is intended to help you gain more control over undesired behaviors or emotions or to help you cope better with a wide range of medical conditions. Hypnosis isn’t considered a treatment or a type of psychotherapy. Rather, it’s a procedure typically used along with certain treatments and therapies to help a wide variety of conditions. Mayo Clinic

    Instead of feeling negative emotions such as:
    sad, lonely, angry, bored, worried or stressed which results in
    eating too much, smoking cigarettes, work-alcoholic, alcoholic, or blaming others for your feelings you can break the negative emotional cycle through hypnosis. You can gain control of annoying habits, increase athletic performance, increase academic motivation and become a terrific public speaker through the power of your mind with the use of self-hypnosis.

    You can achieve changes in your life easily, effortlessly and permanently through hypnosis.

  • Is There Something About Your Life You Need, Want or Desire To Change?


Many clients are referred to Shoreline Hypnosis by physicians and other satisfied clients for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction/management, improved memory, increased confidence and past life regression therapy.

Shoreline Hypnosis offers:

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    •Gift Certificates

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