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  • Who Would Benefit From Taking the Hypnosis Certification Course?

  • Social Workers, Psychologists, Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Educators, Athletic Trainers, Holistic Practitioners, Life Coaches and those interested in a career change.

  • Hypnotists Certification Class

    Starting a career in hypnotherapy offers flexibility and the ability to earn $100.00 per client session or more.  The National Guild of Hypnotists, is the oldest, largest and most prestigious national organization in the field of hypnosis with more than 10,000 members worldwide. You can be a member too!

    Barbara Herr, Director of Shoreline Hypnosis, is pleased to offer the hypnosis certification course to qualified individuals.  In just eight days you can have an exciting new career as a Certified Hypnotist.   This course includes manuals, books, binders with scripts and forms and other required reading material, in addition to a one year subscription to premier hypnosis organizations.

    Some examples of the utilization of hypnosis to treat physical or emotional problems are:

    Health Prevention- Habit control such as smoking, weight control, hair pulling, phobias, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, speech problems, chronic pain, self-esteem/ego strengthening, and memory/concentration improvement.
    Medicine- Chronic pain, cancer pain, anesthesia and surgery, childbirth, psychosomatic disease, preparing for surgery, high blood pressure, diabetic treatment compliance, stress management, and much more.
    Dentistry- Fear of dentistry, dental surgery, bruxium, control of bleeding, tongue biting, saliva control, orthodontia, gagging, ease of dentures and general oral hygiene.
    Other Uses- Sports enhancement, improve study habits, meditation, test anxiety, relaxation, enhance immune system, sleep better, road rage and healing from within.

  • Testimonials

  • I’ve taken many workshops and courses over 23 years of being a psychotherapist, but I never learned as many wonderful and valuable skills to create deep and lasting change for clients as I did in Barbara Herr’s Hypnotherapy Certification course. And the icing on the cake is the personal change and growth that occurs as these methods are learned and practiced in this course!
    Sending you Love and Light

    Judith C, April 18, 2018

    “Thank you does not approach the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for all you have given me in our time together during your hypnosis training course. This experience has been profound and meaningful in ways I never anticipated. The connections to so many other aspects of what I have studied and practice and to what I believe and do have added a dimension that has exceeded all expectations.

    You have created a comprehensive and through course that addresses the theory and practice of hypnosis and then takes it to a higher level not only in content but in spirituality and substance.

    I am so very proud and honored to have had you as my instructor, mentor and guide. With your compassion, care, grace and warmth you have touched me deeply. I am forever grateful for this experience of knowing you and learning from you.

    With infinite thanks. In light, peace and love."

    Alisa P. CH April 9, 2017

    I was amazed, gratified and humbled at just how profound the results can be with these hypnosis and NLP techniques. Also being given the opportunity to meet and get to know such loving, giving and generous people.

    This has been an exceptional experience. It has been a safe environment to explore something previously unknown and to experiment to gain confidence. This class was a very loving and supportive atmosphere.

    Lauren M. CH April 9, 2017

    “I am so grateful to have been able to take this course with Barbara. She has all the qualities that you want in a teacher. She gives her students time to speak in class, teaches in different modalities to make points stronger, has a sense of humor, gives positive feedback, and is extremely motivating.

    Barbara is very knowledgeable – far beyond hypnosis techniques. As a clinical mental health therapist, I noticed she understood the mental health field which is not a prerequisite for becoming a hypnotist. It was beautiful to see someone who is passionate about what they do. Far too often, you see folks teach courses and it is apparent that they no longer have passion for their work and that they have no clue as to how to integrate these modalities with other fields. (i.e. mental health). This is not the case with Barbara.

    I have learned far more than I expected in just 8 days. I was able to use techniques that I learned, just after the first 4 days, within my practice and saw results with my current clients. Not only did I learn fabulous tools, I also learned how to use to them on myself. I had a few anxieties of my own from past experiences that were released once Barbara taught us various techniques. I had a fear of driving on the highway with stop and go traffic from an accident last year. After this healing, I was able to drive with far less anxiety than I have ever experienced. It was amazing and still feels unreal to me! I was not expecting an internal transformation when I signed up for this course but I got just that and I am still grateful for it. This course does not disappoint. Thank you so much Barbara."

    Lissette, CHt, June 28, 2015

    Thanks for everything Barbara! I loved the class. You provided a very comfortable and safe environment in which to learn. I felt nurtured and challenged.
    Nadine, CHT June 16, 2014

    I want to thank you for the absolutely amazing hypnosis course that you teach! As a stage hypnotist, Ive had the opportunity to study hypnosis with some of the truly great teachers in our profession both here in the United States and in Europe and your course is among the finest I’ve taken anywhere.

    I’m writing to give Barbara Herr my highest recommendation as a professional hypnotist trainer. She thoroughly knows her subject and is well qualified to teach all the skills necessary for those who want to be a professional hypnotist. And, I know because I am a professional stage hypnotist who has presented shows throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. So, when I wanted to increase my skills as a consulting hypnotist, I enrolled in Barbara’s course.

    And, so it is with great pleasure that I endorse Barbara Herr as a hypnotist trainer.

    Dan LaRosa, Master Hypnotist, March 26, 2014

    After completing Barbara Herr’s hypnosis certification course, I am a changed person. I have learned so much fascinating information, developed so many effective skills and techniques, and I now have the passion for helping people with hypnosis. I have full confidence that I will develop a thriving practice. And everything that I learned in her course is complimentary to what I am learning my mental health masters program. It was TRULY incredible taking this course. I never could have imagined how much I would learn, and how much I would take away from it. Barbara mentioned to us in the beginninbg that this would be an intense personal journey for each of us, it really was. And I have definitely never had a class where I laughed, and shared, and learned about myself and others so much, all the while becoming proficient in the skills of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. Simply amazing. Barbara, thank you so much.

    Helen Kathryn Mrotek, CHT September 30, 2013

    Dear Barbara, I have had time to digest the plethora of information you taught during your extensive Hypnotist Training Class. You certainly go above and beyond with all you do. In addition to the wonderful NGH package that comes with the class, I am especially impressed with the binder of information you put together and include with the class. This extra step of providing me with all this extra information is so helpful! The time it must take you to put the extra binder together is so appreciated.

    I have told so many people about your program and your talent as a hypnotist! The small class size and the extra comforts you provide with snacks and water, coffee and tea goes above and beyond what other programs offer. As you know I shopped extensively and I am fortunate to have found you.

    The advanced techniques of NLP and EFT moved me far ahead of the curve and has allowed me the confidence to start my own business.

    You left no stone unturned. I’m so impressed and happy, you can use any or all of this letter s a testimonial to any future students. You are a pro of pros!

    James M. Vera, CCH October 30, 2012